Getting for journeys : What you need to take !

Getting for journeys : What you need to take !

by thomas_da octobre 17, 2017

If you’re on this post, that’s you’ll probably go for a journey soon. According to journeys we offer, the Day’Way’s team gives you some little advices to realise your perfect journey !

Water and food :

Even you eat at a stand/restaurant during your journey, taking a little bit of food and a bottle of water can give you energy and, most importantly, avoid fainting.


A care kit :

We can’t know what can happen during our trips, from a simple side stitch to a sprained ankle, it’s why it’s very important to keep a little care kit on you.


A high capacity battery :

It’s always necessary to keep a high level battery on our phones, if we need to see Google maps to find back our way, taking photos, call emergencies, follow your Day’Way’s journey, or just hunting some rare Pokémons.


An adequate equipment depending if sun hurts or if rains a lot :

In hot countries like Spain, Portugal, and others like this, an insolation can easyly come if you’re not protected. We advise you to take a cap or an hat, sun glasses, solar cream, brumisator, and water to hydrate yourself.

In cold or raining countries like England, Sotland, and others, if you can’t protect yourself from the rain and the cold, then get sick is unavoiding. We advise you to take umbrellas, or better, a k-way, and shoes like boots or Timberland. A little tip to avoid to get sick is to sleep with socks.


If you’re going to a long trip, we recommand you to check this article about what you need to take.


Don’t forget to download our app to find perfect journeys ready-made for you, take care of you, and most importantly, find your perfect journey.


The Day’Way’s team !

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